About Us

Why Career Guidance Unit



The Career Guidance has been recognized as an important part of the education and training that the undergraduates are exposed too. The undergraduates are assisted by the CGU to select their future careers to suit their abilities, wishes and expectorations.



The main functions of CGUs should be centred on the need to produce Entrepreneurs who can win the challenging business world and highly Employable Graduates, who would fit the diverse sectors i.e.  state, private, NGO, and self -employment Sectors. Producing graduates   capable of securing employment in the global market is also considered as a desired goal. CGUs will attempt to make it possible to reach these goals by collaborating with the University, Faculties and Academic Departments and by liaising with the world of work outside. 


Career Guidance in Universities needs to cover wide area and encompass many activities, designed to support the undergraduates in their efforts to make right career choices and successfully manage their academic, personal and social lives.



Career Guidance Unit is established in 2003 at Eastern University under the guidelines of University Grants Commission (UGC) in order to have a unique role play to as a mediator between the University and the world of work, while the integrating the career guidance activities with the curricular and conducting research to identify appropriate methodologies to motivate undergraduates to striate-line their career paths with proper understanding.


 Our High Volume Focal Areas of Career Guidance Services

Facilitating the young person’s transition from School to University.

Counselling and Advising on Careers.
Employability skills enhancement.
Career-related information provision.
Networking with the Industry.
Availing work experience.
Graduate placement.
Integration within curricula. In the form of instructional modus (i.e. Career Development Courses Modules).
Entrepreneurship skills development.
Training, Research and Development.
Social Responsibilities and Community Development Skills.
Facilitating the undergraduates transition from university to world of work.