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02Workshop on Career Preparation

Conducted by : District Secretariat, Batticaloa.
Patronage by : Department of Manpower and Employment.
Presented by : Career Guidance Unit, EUSL.
Date : 03 days - 17, 18 & 19.05.2017
Target Group : Special Degree Students (academic year 2011/2012),
Faculty of Arts and Culture.


Resource Person :
1. Mrs. S. Ganaeshalingam
Lecturer, National College of Education, Batticaloa.
2. Dr. P.Judy Ramesh Jeyakumar
Psychiatrist, Base Hospital, Valaichenai.
3. Mr. N. Logeswaran
Former Dean/Faculty of Commerce and Management, EUSL.
4. Ms. Subajini Chakkarawarthi -
Counsellor, Brandix Apparel Solutions Limited – Essentials, Batticaloa.
5. Mr. T. Surenthiran
Human Resource Development Officer, District Secretariat, Batticaloa.
6. Mr. M. Rasamohan
Inspector, National Apprentice Industrial Training Authority. Batticaloa.

Venue : Career Guidance Unit, EUSL.