CGU Press Release


CGU is looking Resource Persons for the following short courses. Each short courses will run for 15 hours and conducted during the week-ends.  

1.Workshop on Career Development


1. From student to Professional 

2.Winning Interviews Successfully 

3.Planning and career Development  

4.Presentation Skills 

5.Essential Public Speaking Skills for Success  


2.Workshop on Personality Development  


1.  Self-Awareness 

2.Development the positive Attitude 

3.Emotion Coaching  

4.Stress Management  

5.Developing Motivation Skill 


3.Workshop on Leadership Development  


1. Developing Leadership Skills 

2.Group Building  

3.Time Management  

4.Decision Making  

5.Conflict Management 


4.Workshop on Human Resource Management 


1. General Introduction to HRM 

2.Job Design & Job Analysis 

3.Human Resource Planning  

4.Recruitment, Selection and Placement  


5.Workshop Communication Skills


1. Introduction to communication 

2.Face to Face Communication  

3.Conducting a productive meeting 

4.Delivering effective presentation  

5.Communicating Through Writing  


6.Workshop on CV writing and Cover Letter Preparation (03 Hours)  


Interested academic staff are requested to send their short CV by indicating the name of the short course(s) and the interested topic(s) on or before 2nd May 2018 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



EUSL Entrepreneur Club

The Career Guidance Unit (CGU) is planning to establish the EUSL Entrepreneur Club for the undergraduates of the Eastern University, Sri Lanka. The members of this club will get free training on Entrepreneurship and also can attend Workshops and Seminars.

The CGU will facilitate financial assistance (Rs. 150,000.00 as grant) through NEDA and further financial assistance by Banks. The club members enjoy these benefits even after their graduation from the university also.

So please apply for the membership of the EUSL Entrepreneur Club. For more information please contact your faculty Academic Career Guidance Advisor or the CGU.


03082017-EUSL Entrepreneur Club