Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

To be the centre of excellence for English Language Teaching of the region


Develop the standard of the English Language knowledge of the students and community as large to connect them to the rest of the world.


The objectives of the English Course are;

    • To improve the students’ general proficiency in English covering grammar and the different language skills as reading, writing and speech.
    • To help acquire rapidly a command of the range of technical vocabulary in the respective fields of study.
    • To develop the students’ capability to comprehend lectures delivered in their fields of study.
    • To instill the ability to take down notes from subject lectures delivered in English.
    • To improve the students’ ability to read reference-books in English, comprehend the material and make own notes.
    • To develop the writing skills on chosen topics and gain proficiency in order to answer examination papers in English.
    • To improve the speaking skills.

During the Intensive Course is directed towards improving general proficiency in English and the aspects taught include grammar and different language skills such as reading, writing and speech. The latter part of the Intensive Course is geared towards the development of skills to comprehend and reproduce subject material related to their field of study. The on-going course provides approximately three hours of English per week through the students’ University career. Facilities such as listening cubicles equipped with tape recorders are available. Video films of scientific, cultural and historical interest and a limited number of feature films are screened at regular intervals to motivate the students to improve their vocabulary and skills of speech.

A special selection of books on a variety to topics is made available and inducement is provide to instill the reading habit among students. Facilities are provided to help students to engage in games such as scrabble to improve their vocabulary. Regular assessments are made of the students’ progress in English from the first year to the final year.


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