Eastern University, Sri Lanka located in Vantharumoolai which is 15 km away from Batticaloa town and four faculties Vz: Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Commerce & Management and Faculty of Arts & Culture are housed here. Faculty of Health Care Sciences is situated 15 km away from Vantharumooali in Batticaloa town which is offering MBBS and BSc in Nursing Degrees. Swamy Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies is situated 3km away from the Faculty of Health Care Sciences in Kallady Uppodai which is offering BFA in Music, Dance, Drama & Theatre Arts and Visual & Technological Arts. Trincomalee campus is located 180 km away from the Vantharumoolai at Konesapuri in Trincomalee district having two faculties & one unit Vz: Faculty of Communication and Business studies, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Siddha Medicine Unit.

Eastern University, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka.
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