Applications are invited from Government Establishments, Cooperative Societies, Manufactures, Reputed Suppliers, Local Agents, Dealers and Contractors who wish to register themselves with the Eastern University, Sri Lanka for the Supply of under mentioned items/works/services for the Eastern University Main Centre located at Vantharumoolai, Chenkalady for the year 2018.

01. Stationeries and Office Consumable

1.1. Photocopy Papers, Computer Stationeries, Typing sheets, Roneo papers, File covers, CR Registers, Envelopes, Printing papers, Carbon papers ,Brown paper, Ruled paper, Note Books, Drawing paper, Papers for Brail Typewriter etc.

1.2. Paper pins, Paper clips, Staplers, Stapler pins, Pen (ball point), Pencils, Chalk, Paper weight, Ink pad, Pad ink, Magi board pen etc.

1.3. Duplicating ink, Master rolls, Photocopy Toners, Printing Toners, Computer Printer Ribbon, Typing Ribbon, Fax Toner, Fax Cartridge. (Electronic Typewriter/Manual Typewriter etc)

1.4. Date Stamp, Rubber Stamp, Plastic Name Board

02. Office Equipment

2.1. Calculators, Photocopy Machine, Communication Equipment, Fax Machine, Copy Printers etc.

2.2. Computers, Printers, UPS

2.3. Computer Software

2.4. Computer Hardware and Network accessories.

2.5. All kinds of Office Bags & Brief Case

2.6. Push Bicycles

2.7. Finger Print Machines

2.8. CCTV Camera

2.9. Video Conference System

2.10. Book Binding Equipment

03. Books and Periodicals

3.1. Books and Periodicals

04. Office Furniture- Wooden/ Steel/Plastic

4.1. Filing Cabinets, Steel Cupboards, Office Table, Executive Chairs, Computer Chairs, Computer Tables, Lecture hall chairs, Glass Fronted Almyrah. Bookshelf, Book Track, Plastic Chairs, Exam Tables (Foldable) etc.

4.2. Iron Safe, Petty Cash Box.

4.3. Water Dispensers

05. Hostel Furniture
5.1. Bunk Beds
5.2. Single Beds
5.3. Bedside Cupboards
5.4. Study Table and Chair
5.5. Mattress
5.6. Mattress Cover
5.7. Cloth Tracks
5.8. Hanger
5.9. Dressing Table
5.10. Mirror

06. Laboratory Equipment and Teaching Equipment

6.1. Laboratory Equipment and Tools

6.2. Medical Equipment

6.3. Microscope

6.4. Musical Instruments

6.5. Multimedia Projectors, Overhead Projectors,

6.6. Public Addressing System, Head Phones etc.

6.7. Brail Typewriter.

6.8. FM Microphones and Clip on Microphones (Collar Microphone), Microphone Stands and Podium Microphone.

6.9. Amplifiers

07. Electrical Goods and Appliances

7.1 Deep Freezers, Refrigerators

7.2 Air Conditioners

7.3 Clocks, Torchlight, Fan, Iron Box

7.4 Television, DVD Players, Cameras, Video Cameras, Voice Recorder.

7.5 Bulbs, Wires, Cables, Switches, Plug Tops, Holders and Other Electrical Goods, Street Lamps etc.

7.6 Food Warmer

7.7 Water Pump

08. Laboratory Chemicals and Glassware

8.1 Laboratory Chemicals

8.2 Laboratory Glassware

09. Agriculture Supplies and Equipments

9.1 Organic Fertilizer, Chemical Fertilizer

9.2 Nursery Materials, Plants

9.3 Horticulture Equipment

9.4 Agriculture Equipment

9.5 Agro Chemicals

9.6 Seeds

9.7 Plants (Flowers and other plants)

9.8 Livestock- Cows, Goats, Chics, Pigs, Bulls, Rabbits

9.9 Poultry items (broiler chicks)

9.10 Animal Feeds

9.11 Other Agriculture Equipment

9.12 Supply of Hardware Items ( Kaththi, axes, mamaty etc)

9.13 Compost

9.14 Red Soil

10. Supply of Refreshment and Foods

10.1 Supply of Short Eats, Beverages and Catering Services for Meetings, Seminars and Workshop.

10.2 Supply of Cooked Foods, Water Bottles, Soft Drinks

10.3 Meal, Food Packs, Parcels

10.4 Refreshments

10.5 Accommodation

11. Supply of Fuel and Gas

11.1 Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene Oil, Engine Oil

11.2 Gas Replacement

12. Motor Spare Parts

12.1 Motor Spare Parts
12.2 Vehicle, Motor Bicycle Batteries

12.3 Tyres and Tubes

12.4 Vehicle Equipment and Accessories Including Three Wheelers and Moto bicycles

13. Hardware and Plumbing Items

13.1 Steel, G.I sheets, Wire Nails, Bolts and Nuts, Screws, Wheel- Barrows, Crowbars, Taps, Ball Valves, Barbed wire etc

13.2 Ply wood and PVC Doors, Ply wood sheets etc.

13.3 PVC Pipes, Fittings, Water Tanks etc.

14. Janitorial Items / Essential Items

14.1 Essential Items, Tile Cleaner, Air Freshener, Soap and Other Relevant Items

14.2 Mopper, Wiper.

14.3 Brooms, Ekel Brooms, Coir, and Coir Rugs, Brushes

15. Building Materials

15.1 Asbestos Sheets

15.2 Timbers and Sawn Timber

15.3 Bricks, Sands, Rubble, Metal and Lime, Concrete Fence Post, Grevel.

15.4 Cement

15.5 Tiles

15.6 Glasses

15.7 Hume pipes
15.8 Paint

16. Kitchen Utensils / Equipments and Furniture

16.1 Kitchen Utensils
16.2 Kitchen Equipments
16.3 Canteen Tables and Chairs

16.4 Canteen Cupboard, Showcases

17. Uniform Materials and Curtain Materials

17.1 Shirting Material, Suiting Material, Saree etc.
17.2 Raincoat, Gum Boots, Safety Boots, Umbrella, Shoes, Socks.
17.3 Curtain Materials.
17.4 Convocation Barrels
17.5 Graduates Cloaks

18. Sports Goods

18.1 Sports Goods
18.2 Sports Equipment

19. Pharmaceuticals and Drugs

19.1 Pharmaceuticals and Drugs- Western

19.2 Pharmaceuticals and Drugs- Eastern (Ayurvedic, Herbal etc)

20. Fancy Goods & Cosmetic Items

20.1 Fancy Goods
20.2 Paint for Drawing
20.3 Cosmetic and Costumes Items
20.4 Pots

21. Procurement of Services
Repairs to Office, Laboratory, Teaching Equipments and Other Equipments

21.1 Repairs to Office Equipment and Calculators.

21.2 Repairs to Wooden Furniture

21.3 Repairs to Photocopy Machine, Fax Machine, Copy Printer etc.

21.4 Repairs to Computers, Monitors, Printers, Scanners and UPS etc.

21.5 Repairs to Refrigerators, Deep Freezers and Air Conditioners

21.6 Repairs to Overhead Projectors and Multimedia Projectors

21.7 Repairs to Television, DVD Players

21.8 Repairs to Laboratory Equipment

21.9 Repairs to Medical Laboratory Equipment

21.10 Repairs to Pedestal ,Ceiling and Wall Fans

21.11 Repairs to Water Pumps

21.12 Repairing of Generators and Servicing

21.13 Repairing of Elevator and Servicing

22. Printing

22.1 Printing of Magazines, Journals, Registers

22.2 Book Bindings

22.3 Printing of Envelopes, File Covers, Forms

22.4 Printing of Official Identity Cards, Students Identity Cards etc.

22.5 Digital Name Board Printing.

22.6 Printing of Banners

22.7 Printing of Diaries

23. Repair to Motor Vehicles

23.1 Repairs to Motor Vehicles ( Bus, Car, Van, Double Cabs, Tractors ( two wheeler and four wheeler) Motor Bicycles and Three Wheelers, Scooters etc)

23.2 Air Conditioning, Auto Electrical, Tinkering, Painting, Engine and Other Motor Vehicle Repairs.

23.3 Servicing of Motor Vehicles

23.4 Vehicle Seats , Seat Covers

24. Other Services

24.1 Flower and Other Garden Plants, Flower Pots, Plant Maintenance

24.2 Laundering Facilities

24.3 Rattening of Chairs

24.4 Transport of Goods

24.5 Transport of Passengers

24.6 Transport of Cadavers

24.7 Janitorial Services

24.8 Gully Services

24.9 Supplying of Skilled and Unskilled Labourers

24.10 Cutting and Pruning of Trees

24.11 Polishing of Wooden Furniture

24.12 Supplying of Cow Dung & Goat Dung

24.13 Clearance of Cargo ( Imported)

24.14 Interior Decoration and Curtaining

24.15 Rent out Hall and Buildings / Houses

24.16 Hiring of Vehicles

24.17 Lending Canopy & Sheds

24.18 Tailoring Services

24.19 Accommodation Facilities for Students / Teachers and Guests (Colombo, Nugegoda, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Hambantota, Kataragama, Badulla, Jaffna, Batticaloa and Galle)

24.20 Video and Photograph

24.21 Accommodation at Batticaloa region

25. Procurement of Works

25.1 Construction of Building Complexes
25.2 Rehabilitation and Improvement to Building and Other Structures
25.3 Building constructions, repairs, renovation, extensions, colour washing and rehabilitation to Buildings, Construction of Road, Water Supply, Electricity Supply and Electricity Balancing, Networking, Drainage

25.4 Consultancy Services (Consultancy for Construction of buildings, Road, Water Supply, Electricity Supply and Electricity Balancing, Networking, Drainage)

25.5 Landscaping

25.6 Installation of Street Lamp and Maintenance.

25.7 Fitting of Curtain items and floor carpeting.

26. Booking of Air Travels


1. Application should be prepared according to the specimen form appended below and send it under registered cover with “ Registration of Suppliers and Contractors 2018” marked on the top left hand corner of the envelop.

2. Non refundable fee for Registration of suppliers and Contractors

2.1. Non refundable fee of Rs.500/- per main category will be charged. Payment can be made through a “Bank Draft” drawn in favour of “The Bursar, Eastern University, Sri Lanka”. The Original Bank Draft should be sent with the application (If the applicant is applied for many main categories, the applicant should pay the non-refundable fee accordingly. Eg – 5 Main Category X Rs.500.00 = 2,500.00)

2.2. Non refundable fee of Rs. 500.00 per main category can be deposited in favour of “The Bursar, Eastern University, Sri Lanka to the Current Account No. 227-1001-40000024 at any branch of the People’s Bank.
Original Bank Draft or Original deposit slip should be attached with the application. If not, the application will be rejected.

3. Relevant Organization should posses a valid Business Registration and Revenue License from Local Authority/Trade License obtained from the Appropriate Authority and certified copies of these documents should be attached with the application.

4. If the intended supplier is a Limited Liability Company, Certificate of Incorporation of the Company should be annexed with the application.
5. If the Organization supplies Goods/Services which is a Sole Agent, the Authorization letter from the Principal should be attached.
6. The Organization should have at least three years experience of supplying the relevant items (goods/services/Works), where necessary Documentary Evidence is needed. The EUSL has the right to accept with lesser experience also.

7. Copy of the Registration Certificate of ICTAD in connection with the Construction Contracts should be attached.

8. Every supplier should agree to provide a credit facility at least for one month.

9. Copy of the VAT Registration and if no VAT Registration and VAT Exemption Certificate issued by the Commissioner General, Inland Revenue should be attached.

10. Incomplete or application without supporting documents will not be considered for registration.
11. Acceptance for Registrations will be notified in writing.

12. The Eastern University, Sri Lanka, and has the right to call for quotations other than from the Registered Suppliers, Contractors and it reserves the right to make inquiries from those who are not registered as well. Suppliers who fail to quote or fail to make delivery in time or inconformity with the order will be deleted from the Registration of Suppliers list without giving any notice.

13. Any clarification could be obtained from the Bursar / Senior Assistant Bursar / Assistant Bursar Supplies, Eastern University on Phone Number 065-2240211.

14. The Closing date for the application is 10.11.2017

15. All Applications should be addressed to the Bursar, Eastern University, Sri Lanka, Vantharumoolai, Chenkalady and Send under the Registered Post,

Note: This advertisement could be downloaded from the University Web Site .

Eastern University, Sri Lanka