Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is one of the Sub Committee of the Council of Eastern University, Sri Lanka. The five-member Committee meets regularly in every year and discusses the University’s financial, administrative, human assets and operations in trust for future generations. Its membership, terms of office, responsibilities, powers and electoral procedures are governed by the Treasury of Sri Lanka through University Grants Commission and Council of the Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

This site provides the schedules and agendas for upcoming meetings, along with other news and information and other supporting documentation. We hope you find it helpful.


Members of the Committee:

Members of the Council of Eastern University:

Mr N Gnanathasan (Chairman)
Ex. Deputy Secretary, Treasury.
Mr P T A Hassan
Ex. Director of Education, Batticaloa.
Mr R Kannan
Atterney - at - Law, Batticaloa

Ex - Officio Member:

Mr V Kandeepan,
Registrar, EUSL.


Mr S Thiruvarudchelvan,
Assistant Internal Auditor


Mr A M Mahir,
Superintendent of Audit for Auditor General

Mr M J R Bogamuwa,
Internal Auditor, UGC

Term of reference for the Audit Committee

  1. Determination of the responsibilities of the Internal Audit Division and review of the annual audit plans
  2. Review and evaluate internal control systems for all activities of the University
  3. Preview and recommend the annual Internal Audit Plan and the work programme prepared by the Internal Auditor.
  4. Review performance at regular intervals for cost effectiveness and to eliminate wasteful expenditure etc.
  5. Liase with external auditors and follow up on Auditor General’s/ external auditors Management Letters.
  6. Ascertain whether statutes, regulations, rules and circulars are complied with.
  7. Review financial statements to ensure compliance with Accounting Standards
  8. Review internal audit/external audit reports, Management Letters for remedial action
  9. Review implementation of recommendations/directives of the Committee on Public Enterprises
  10. Prepare report on the findings of the Committee for inclusion in the Annual Report