Strategic Plan/ Action Plan

  • Compilation of Corporate Plan, Strategic Plan and Action Plan of the University.
  • Monitor the implementation of the Corporate Plan, Strategic Plan and Action Plan regularly.
  • Conduct Action Plan progress review meeting by biannually.
  • Prepare Performance Report.
  • Compilation and analysis of data for the Organizational Results Framework (ORF).

Statistical data Compilation

  • Maintain the MIS database.
  • Collect the collate data under the key areas concerned.
    • Students Allocation
    • Number of registered students
    • Number of research grants received
    • Number of publications
    • Annual Financial Aspect - (Income generated)
    • University Ranking Information
    • International co-operation – Number of MoU’s signed, Number of International seminars attended
  • Maintain the statistical database.

Conduct Surveys and Analyse 

  • Students’ Satisfaction Survey
  • Students’ Destination Survey
  • Employers’ Satisfaction Survey

Generate reports on statutory requirements

  • Facilitate the preparation of the Annual Report