Programme Committee/ SDC


Programme Committee/SDC 


Name Department
Prof. S. Arasaretnam   Director / SDC (Chairman)
Prof. S. Thirukkanesh          Faculty of Science
Mrs. J. Suresh            Faculty of Commerce and Management
Ms. A. M. S. S. Alahakoon  Faculty of Health Care Sciences
Mr. S. Srikrishnah     Faculty of Agriculture
Mr. S. Jeganathan     Faculty of Arts and Culture
Mr. T. Baskar Trincomalee Campus
Mr. K. Mohanathasan          SVIAS
Dr. Queenie. Y. Soundararajah      CEDEC
Dr. P. Elango CGU
Mr. A. L. S. Saabith  CICT
Mr. K. Shrikarunakaran      ELTU
Mr. R. Senthuraan    Convener



Last updated:18 -Nov-2019