The 3rd International Research Conference ‘TRInCo 2018’

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The ceremonial laying of the foundation stone for the proposed building complex that will house the Faculty of Communication and Business Studies was held on the 7th of August 2018.  Hon. Wijeyadasa Rajabakshe, Minister, Ministry of Higher Education laid the foundation stone in the presence of The Chairman, UGC-Sri Lanka, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Eastern University, and the Rector, Prof. Dr. V. Kanagasingam.

Glocalization became a major theme since the Trincomalee Campus is situated in a prime geopolitical location making it pivotal for globalisation fostering multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multi-religious way of life pointing towards an economic boom. This factor is not only true to Trincomalee but to all geographical territories where the world has already been turned into a global village.  But globalisation in many ways was seen as Americanisation and thus glocalization has become the current trend everywhere.

After the era of thermodynamics, the era of information technology started in the year 1854 with the laying of the transatlantic cables and concluded  in the year 2000 paving way to genome sciences termed as Postmetaphysical era and at this juncture globalisation is no exception for any nation but glocalization is the need of the hour.

Globalization has been the theme in academia for some time where globalization represented the Greater Tradition or the Meta Culture or the Universals and the Local, vernacular, small cultures have been represented as the Little Traditions or the Particulars.  Theoretically Universals are made up of Particulars and without Particulars there won’t be any Universals.  Therefore, one could conclude that the Particular is more important than the Universal and therefore, all these days both the academics and others have been voicing to save the local or the particular from the bulldozing globalization.  But the Postmetaphysical is a new turn where Global structures and isms are being localized.  Language, Commerce, Science, and Fine Arts are undergoing a sea change by becoming validated as here and now rather than having their universal appeals. In this era of genetic engineering this factor of globalizing the localized is a conduit that no one can escape.

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