Welcome to Trincomalee Campus,
 Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

The Campus society welcoming your e-visit to the Trincomalee Campus of Eastern University of Sri Lanka. Trincomalee and its environs has many historical tourist attractive points among that, Nilaveli 25 km North of Trincomalee is a place of famous attraction tourist spots like beach and Pigeon Island where the Trincomalee Campus situated in between the Trincomalee Town and Nilaveli.



Fully aware that peace is an essential and integral element of all development, Trincomalee Campus of the Eastern University of Sri Lanka seeks to build a reputation for academic excellence on a solid foundation of peace.



The Trincomalee Campus devotes its energy to produce the highest teaching learning and research activities to benefit the whole region. It wishes to achieve the highest productivity through the creative and innovative knowledge management system which can effectively and efficiently manage the changes and challenges both at regional, national and international level. The campus will make its contribution to social advancement and economic growth and development of the region and the whole nation.


Telephone :-

+94 26 2227410

Fax :-

+94 26 2227411

Address :- Trincomalee Campus, Konesapuri Nillavelli
Postal Code 31010,
Trincomalee Sri Lanka.

When the affiliated university college system was abolished, Trincomalee AUC found itself vested with the Eastern University and the two degree programmes initially conducted here then under two different faculties of the Eastern University, Sri Lanka had as their fortunate forerunners the diploma holders of the AUC. Subsequently, this college was got its identity as Trincomalee Campus of the Eastern University, Sri Lanka through a gazette notification from mid 2001 with provision for two faculties, Faculty of Communication & Business Studies and Faculty of Applied Science. From the year 2008 onwards the discipline of siddha medicine is also introduced as a discipline under the direct purview of the Rector of the Campus.

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