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Result Area - 03

Promoting Research, Development, Innovation and commercialization (RDIC)

The objective of this results area is to develop a culture of research and development, innovation and commercialization (RDIC) in universities. RDIC activities are an extremely important next step in the development of higher education in the country. A three-pronged strategy will be followed.

First, a system of competitive, performance-based research programs for Development- Oriented Research (DOR) in universities and non-state HEIs will be developed and implemented for STEM subjects, Humanities, Education, Management, and Social Sciences (HEMS) subjects, and STEM-HEMS (interdisciplinary) research.

Second, competitive, performance-based Research and Innovation Commercialization (RIC) programs will be developed and implemented for universities undertaking innovation activities of direct relevance for industrial and service sector development. The RIC programs will be available for STEM and HEMS subjects, as well as for STEM- HEMS combinations. In addition, under the Program, there will be assistance for a set of Innovation Commercialization Enhancement (ICE) grants to assist a set of university programs that have demonstrated success in this area in the past (under HETC) to scale up their activities further.

Third, the Program will support the development of University-Business Linkage (UBL) offices. The UBL offices will assist university academics in increasing collaboration with professional expertise in technology transfer and business model development, establishing open innovation spaces and business incubators, and enabling academics and students to obtain professional business advice and training.