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Name list for Meritorious Award in 2020 & Felicitation to the Retired Staff

Name list for Meritorious Award in 2020 & Felicitation to the Retired Staff

Gold plated Medal - 35 years

 No. Name Designation  Completion of  35 Years 
1 Prof. (Mrs.) T Mahendran Senior Professor in Agric. Chemistry 1985 to 2020
Prof. P Vinobaba Senior Professor in Zoology 1985 to 2020
Mr. K Suntharesan Laboratory Attendant (Special Gr.) 1985 to 2020

Silver Medal - 30 years

No. Name  Designation Completion of  30 Years 
1 Dr. (Mrs.) C G Devadason Senior Lecturer Gr.I    1990 to 2020

Bronze Medal - 25 years

No. Name   Designation  Completion of  25 Years 
1 Prof. T Krishnamohan Professor in Political Science 1995 to 2020
Dr. S Jeyarajah Senior Lecturer Gr.I   1995 to 2020
Mr. M Ravi Senior Lecturer Gr. I 1995 to 2020
Mr. V Pragash Assistant Registrar 1995 to 2020
Ms. N Pushpathevi Senior Staff Management Asst. 1995 to 2020

Details of Retired Staff

No. Name    Designation  Date of Retirement
1 Mr. K Kunareetnam Office Machine Operator Gr. I 05.02.2020
Mr. P V Yogarajan Guest House Keeper (Special Grade) 29.02.2020
Mr. V Thevanayagam Works Aide Gr. II 05.04.2020
Mr. M Sriragavan Staff Technical Officer Gr. I 09.04.2020
Mr. K Thavarajah Management Assistant Gr. I 13.04.2020
Mr. M Mahendran Technical Officer Gr. II Seg. 'A' 11.07.2020
Mr. V Mahendrakumar Security Inspector Gr. II 12.07.2020
Mrs. T R Sivathasan Senior Staff Management Assistant 10.08.2020
Mr M Sivamoorthy  Works Aide Gr. III 10.09.2020
10  Mr K Kumarasamy Works Aide Gr. II 19.09.2020
11  Prof. T Jayasingam Senior Professor of Botany 30.09.2020
12  Mr. N Sinnathurai Laboratory Attendant (Special Grade) 01.10.2020
13  Rev. Sr. Dr. Josepha Joseph. E Senior Lecturer Gr. I 01.10.2020


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