Our Aims and Objectives

“Developing Inclusive Education for students with disabilities in Sri Lankan Universities (IncEdu) is an Erasmus+ capacity building project (Key Action 2) running from 2019-2022. We are a consortium of 4 universities from Sri Lanka and 3 universities from Europe.

IncEdu aims is to develop a system of support to equalise the opportunities for students with disabilities in Sri Lankan Universities and therefore works towards ensuring the rights of students with disabilities to access higher education.

IncEdu has four main objectives:

To create community awareness.
To develop competency of staff of the partner universities in Sri Lanka.
To establish conducive learning environment for students with disabilities.
To make policy recommendations.

Main Activities

Baseline study on needs assessment of SWDs

A baseline survey/need assessment with the support of the EU partner universities will be conducted in all the national partner universities of Sri Lanka in order to identify the conditions and requirements of SWDs.

Awareness workshops

This will be carried out for SWDs, peers and academic, technical, admin, library, and support staff

The training of trainers

This will be provided with the help of EU partner University and through three steps:
1. Conducting focus groups
2. Providing education
3. Supervising, guiding and counseling.

Collaborative research

Capacity building workshops and training programmes

These will be held within partner universities in Sri Lanka to share the knowledge obtained from training of trainers programme.

Establishment of a model support centre

A model support centre with equipment needed to facilitate SWDs will be set up at the University of Peradeniya.

Approaches to curricula revision

A department-wise survey will be performed to identify the problems/ issues in the existing curricula of relevant departments. Then the existing curricula will be reviewed to identify the ways of providing provisions to accommodate the requirements of SWDs. Upon identifying the weaknesses and mitigation actions, a curriculum revision will be carried out in all the universities so as to accommodate the concerns of the SWDs.

Publishing research findings

Publish an e- book in audio and braille form in 3 languages and journals.