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14th Sri Lanka University Games - 2023

LOGO (SLUG |2023)

SLUG Logo.png Created by: Mr.S Sritharan Instructor,Physical Education Unit,EUSL.


SLUG mascot.pngCreated by: RA Puvanasingham, Former Director, Physical Education Unit,EUSL.


Stand up, Learn and Unite for Glory
  • Stand up means - trying/putting your efforts into any activity (sports/studies/others)
  • Learn means - getting knowledge, skills, and attitude when you involve in such activities.
  • Unite means - coming together by involving in activities irrespective of differences (caste/religion/ethnicity/ etc.,).
  • Glory means - the achievement of success/excellence

Theme song

  • We are the waves of same sea
  • We are the leaves of same tree
  • Though born every where
  • North South East or West
  • We are the birds of one nest
  • We will stand together as one forever
  • We are the proud host of SLUG
  • In the land of rising sun
  • In the land of singing fish
  • In the land with culture rich
  • Together hand in hand
  • We will stand together as one forever
  • When SLUG beckons us
  • For leaping the hurdles
  • For reaching the goals
  • Either loss or win
  • We will stand together as one
  • We will stand together as one forever


Moto and Theme Song Created by: Dr. S. Umashankar, Senior Lecturer, Head of the Department, DELT, FAC,EUSL

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The Eastern University, Sri Lanka, was established on the 01st of October 1986 by a University Order dated 26th September 1986 issued under Section 2 of the Universities Act No: 16 of 1978.

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