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Physical Education Unit

Training Dates

Training Dates for Every Sports 2022

  • Elle – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Football – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Rugby – Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.
  • Basketball – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Athletics – Every Weekdays
  • Road Race – Every Weekdays
  • Cricket – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Chess – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
  • Table Tennis – Tuesday, Wednesday. Monday (Medical Faculty)
  • Tennis – Wednesday, Saturday.
  • Carrom – Friday, Saturday.
  • Netball – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.
  • Volleyball – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Badminton – Tuesday, Thursday.
  • Weightlifting – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Karate – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.
  • Kabadi - Friday, Saturday.


Sports Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Elle x   x   x    
Football x   x   x    
Rugby     x   x x  
Basketball x   x   x    
Athletics x x x x x    
Road Race x x x x x    
Cricket x   x   x    
Chess   x x x      
Table Tennis x(FHCS) x x        
Tennis     x     x  
Carrom         x x  
Netball x   x x      
Volleyball x   x x      
Badminton   x   x      
Weightlifting x   x   x    
Karate x   x x      
Kabadi         x x  
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