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Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT)

About us


Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT) is the largest IT service provides in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. The main role of CICT is to support and maintain the activities of Eastern University community by providing the appropriate use of technology, and to provide IT related services to Students and Staff. The services it provide includes Internet, Email, File Storage, Software installation and maintenance, Technical Evaluation and guidance,Network maintenance and Troubleshooting and all other IT related activities.


  •  To enable all the students to acquire the skills of ICT to get employment opportunities
  •  To enable all students and staff to become autonomous users of ICT
  •  To meet the requirement of the Curriculum as fully as possible and enable all students to reach the highest possible standards of achievement

Our Vision

ICT is a key tool in raising standards of teaching and learning across all areas of the curriculum. All members of our university community will become confident and independent users of ICT so that they can develop the skills, knowledge and understanding which will enable them to use appropriate ICT resources effectively.

About us

The Eastern University, Sri Lanka, was established on the 01st of October 1986 by a University Order dated 26th September 1986 issued under Section 2 of the Universities Act No: 16 of 1978.

Contact Us


Eastern University, Sri Lanka Vantharumoolai,
Tel: +94 65-2240490,2240590
Fax: +94 65-2240730