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Center for Quality Assurance(CQA)

About us

About CQA

  • Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) of Eastern University of Sri Lanka was established in 2015 complying with the Commission Circular No. 04/2015 as a coordinated body of University Grants Commission's Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council funded by HETC project. CQA is primarily to safeguard academic standards and quality of higher education qualifications and to inform and encourage continuous improvement in the management of the quality of higher education. CQA of Eastern University oversees quality assurance for all teaching and learning processes, student support and institutional development. CQA ensures that the Eastern University operates in conformity with the Sri Lankan Qualification Framework (SLQF) and academic standards and accreditation set forth by Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council, UGC. The University's internal QA processes are complying within the Internal Quality Assurance Policy Framework.


  • The goal of the QAC shall be to create a culture that seeks to continually improve the quality of all academic activities in the Eastern University of Sri Lanka.


The objectives of the CQA shall be as follows:

  1. To promote quality enhancement activities within the university.
  2. To liaise with the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council and the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka in facilitating the conduct of external reviews in the university.
  3. To assist the Vice-Chancellor in preparation of the self-evaluation report for institutional reviews.
  4. To guide faculties and departments in the university in preparation of self-evaluation reports for programme and subject reviews.
  5. To facilitate implementation of follow-up actions recommended in subject, programme or institutional review reports, and monitor progress in their implementation.
  6. To liaise with quality assurance units in other higher educational institutions, to share good practices and enhance the quality of higher education in Sri Lanka.

Salient Functions and Responsibilities

In examining the effectiveness of Eastern University's own quality assurance structures and mechanisms, the CQA indicates that it will particularly take account of:

  1. Internal quality assurance reviews and their outcomes, especially at the level of the discipline and/or program
  2. The use made of external reference points including the QA Code of Practice, SLQF, and the published Subject Benchmarks publicly available information about the quality of programs and the standard of awards;
  3. Internal systems for the management of information and their contribution to the effective oversight of quality and standards; the development, use and publication of program specifications;
  4. The academic standards expected of and achieved by students;
  5. The experience of students as learners, and the enhancement of their learning opportunities;
  6. The quality assurance of teaching staff, and the ways in which teaching effectiveness is appraised, improved and rewarded.

About us

The Eastern University, Sri Lanka, was established on the 01st of October 1986 by a University Order dated 26th September 1986 issued under Section 2 of the Universities Act No: 16 of 1978.

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