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Center for Quality Assurance(CQA)


  1. Organizationational Chart of CQA

  2. Recommendation Report of the Revised Curriculum to the Senate (Checklist for Curriculum Approval)
    (Recommended at the 350th meeting of the Senate held on 22nd November, 2023)

  3. Documents/Policies/Actions Required for Curriculum Revision

  4. Guidelines for Conducting Continuous Assessments

    (Recommended at the 339th meeting of the senate held on 19th October 2022.) 

  5. Output-based Research Awards for the Publications in Indexed Journals – 2022

  6. Manual of Procedure on Conducting Examinations

    (Recommended at the 336th Senate meeting held on 19.07.2022 and Approved at the 325th Council meeting held on 30.07.2022. The Effective Date of this manual is 1st of August 2022.)

  7. Approval Process the Proposals for the New Degree Programmes

    (Recommended at the 338th meeting of the senate held on 14th September 2022.)

  8. By-Law for CQA

    (Recommended at the 338th Senate meeting held on 14.09.2022)

  9. Examination and Evaluation Summary Sheet

    (Recommended at the 337th Senate meeting held on 17.08.2022: To be implemented from October 2022)

  10. Guidelines for Conducting Internal Reviews

    (Recommended at the 337th Senate meeting held on 17.08.2022)

  11. Operational Guidelines for CQA/EUSL

  12. 2nd Examiner's Report

  13. Quality Monitoring & Enhancement Unit (QMEU)

  14. Evaluation Scheme for the Best Student Award in Extra Curricular Activities of EUSL.

    (Recommended by 316th Senate held on 22.07.2020, and approved by 307th Council held on 29.08.2020)

  15. EUSL Research Policy (2020-2024) ( >>  Research Council ) 
    (Recommended by the Special Senate held on 31.12.2020, and approved by 312th  Council held on 30.01.2021)    
    1. Appendix-1: Award of Excellence in Research with regard to Regional/National Significance.
    2. Appendix-2: Award of Excellence in Research and Innovation for Driving Global Impact.
    3. Appendix-3: Evaluation Scheme for Equipment Grant at EUSL.
    4. Appendix-4::Regulations Governing the Award of University Research
    5. Appendix-5: Terms of Reference for the Research Council
  16. Scheme of Award for Excellence in Teaching
    (Recommended by 316th Senate held on 22.07.2020, and  approved by 307th Council held on 29.08.2020)
  17. Quality Assurance Code of Practice- Academic Programme Development
    (Prepared by Prof. Uma Coomarasamy  and approved by the  306th Senate of EUSL held on 19.06.2019)
  18. Report for the Moderation of Examination Paper 
  19. Guidelines for Examination Paper Moderation
  20. Peer Evaluation Report
  21. Standard Abbreviations for Nomenclature of Academic Qualifications (QAC / Standard Abbreviations)
  22. Policy on Student feedback on teaching and learning activities (Recommended by 348th Senate held on 20.09.2023)

  23. Scorecard for FQACs and IQACs (Recommended by 348th Senate held on 20.09.2023)

  24. Nomenclature of Academic Qualifications

    1. Standard Abbreviations for  Nomenclature of Academic Qualifications 

    2. Nomenclature of Qualifications in Sinhala and Tamil

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