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The Eastern University, Sri Lanka offers a range of Diploma courses and Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees. Intake to the Degree courses is according to the UGC list, 


Registration Information For Students

Every new student must register for the programme of study offered to him, to be undertaken at the University. New entrants will be sent Registration forms by post. These have to be completed and returned before the designated date. The effective date of registration will also be indicated. Registration forms are available also at the office of the Senior Assistant Registrar/Examinations and at the Reception Desk in the Administration block.

New entrants should forward the following documents, required for registration, to the Senior Assistant Registrar / Examinations before the date stipulated by the University.

Completed Registration Form
Five copies of a recent passport size photograph of the student with their name written clearly on the reverse of each copy.
Paying –in-voucher bearing the bank seal as evidence of payment of fees prescribed by the University payment should be made to the credit of Eastern University, Sri Lanka, Account No:102, People’s Bank, Chenkalady. This payment can be made at any branch of the People’s Bank.
Medical Examination form
Birth certificate and Educational Certificates ( G.C.E O/L & A/L) ( Please note that these certificates will not be returned until the termination of the course of study)
Completed Application form for accommodation in Halls of Residence ( if required)

Fees payable are as follows:

All Students:

Registration Fees: Rs.200/=

Medical Fees: Rs.100/=

Laboratory Fees: Rs.200/= ( for Agriculture/Science/FHCS students only)

Library Deposit: Rs.100/=

Hand Book: Rs.100/=

Residence in Halls:

Hostel Deposit: Rs.75/=

Key Deposit: Rs.50/=

Hostel Fees: Rs.600/=

Any change in subject combination in a course of study should be made within one week from the date of registration.

The implication of Registering :

Every student who accepts a placement and completes the registration requirements of the Eastern University, Sri Lanka becomes a registered student of the University from the date designated by the University. Such a student is bound by all rules and regulations of the University. A student once registered for an undergraduate course with the Eastern University cannot seek undergraduate registration at another Sri Lankan University.

The University expects every student to maintain and enhance the good name and reputation of the University.

Re-Registration :

All students following courses of the Second and subsequent years are required to re-register for a programme of study before the commencement of each academic year. Re-Registration forms are available at the Office of the Senior Assistant Registrar/ Examinations and at the reception desk in the Administration Block.

All such students should forward to the Senior Assistant Registrar/Examinations, the following documents required for registration, before the date of closing stipulated by the University.

(a) Completed Re-Registration Form

(b) Paying-in-Voucher bearing the Bank seal as evidence if payment of fees prescribed by the University. Payment can be made at any branch of the Peoples Bank and should be made to the credit of Eastern University, Sri Lanka Account No-102, Peoples Bank, Chenkalady.

(c) Completed Application form for accommodation in the Halls of Residence ( if required)

Fees payable are as follows:

All Students:

Re-Registration fees: Rs.200/=

Medical Fees: Rs.100/=

Residents in Halls:

Hostel Fees: Rs.600/=

Record Book and Identity Card:

Every student registered with Eastern University, Sri Lanka will be issued with an identity card and a Record book bearing his/her photograph, duly embossed with the seal of the University.

Students are required to have their Identity cards with them at all times and to produce such cards when called upon to do so by any official of the University or any member of the academic staff. The Record book should be handed in on re-registration so that it may be brought up to date.

Loss of Identity Card Fees: -Rs.100/=

Loss of Record Book Fees: - Rs.100/=


Students are required to present their Record Books to the staff, in order to be admitted to classes. Students who fail to register will not be admitted to classes.

Students are required to attend Lectures, Practicals, and tutorials regularly. A student who is unable to attend classes for more than 3 days, due to ill health should submit a medical certificate from, or through the University Medical Officer, to the Dean of the Faculty.

Any student who wishes to suspend attendance at a course of studies, before or during his/her academic career, should obtain prior approval from the University. In such a case an application should be made in writing to the Senior Assistant Registrar / Examinations, making a request and giving reasons with appropriate supporting documents.

Registration may be cancelled in the case of a student who absents himself/herself from course work continuously for more than five weeks without a valid reason.

Examination Fees:

(a) Repeating a subject

(1) single subject with a practical component: Rs.100/=

(2) single subject without a practical component: Rs.50/=

Medical Certificates:

A candidate who is unable to appear for an examination due to ill health should notify the Registrar immediately in writing or by telegram. Telegrams should be confirmed in writing by registered post within a period of 48 hours. A medical certificate should be submitted without delay from or through the University Medical Officer.

In the case of theory examination, such a candidate should appear for the said examination when held the following year. At the discretion of the Senate, the candidate may be treated as appearing for the first time. In respect of Practicals, the candidates may be allowed to sit for a practical examination at the end of the course unit/courses. The marks obtained will be considered as that of his first attempt.

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The Eastern University, Sri Lanka, was established on the 01st of October 1986 by a University Order dated 26th September 1986 issued under Section 2 of the Universities Act No: 16 of 1978.

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