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Sports Facilities are available at the Main campus at Vantharumoolai. There are two bodies, which are set up to promote sports activities at the university.

  • The sports Advisory Board
  • Sports Council

Sports Advisory Board

The composition of the board is as follows,

  • One member elected by the council of the university.
  • Two members of the Academic Staff from each Faculty who are interested is Sports activities appointed by the Vice-Chancellor
  • Director or Head, Department of Physical Education
  • All permanent Instructors/Instructress of Physical Education
  • The President and the Secretary of the Sports Council and Sports Women from the Sports Council
  • University Medical Officer
  • Senior Assistant Registrar or Assistant Registrar in charge of the welfare service branch
  • Bursar of the University or his representative
  • Works Engineer
  • Senior Student Counselor

Sports Council

The Members of the Sports Council are

  • Director of Physical Education and Instructors
  • Captains and Vice-Captains of the respective Sports
  • Two members appointed by the Sports Advisory Board from among its members
  • One representative from each Faculty who is a member of the Faculty Students Union

This Department is responsible for the organization and administration of Physical Education and recreational programmers of the University.The sports activities are promoted by the Sports Council and Sports Advisory Board, the Department provides facilities for various games

Football (Men), Netball(Women),
Karate(Men/Women), Basketball(Men/Women),
Weight Lifting(Men), Badminton (Men/Women),
Road Race (Men), Table Tennis(Men/Women),
Carom (Men/Women), Elle (Men/Women),
Volleyball (Men/Women), Wrestling (Men),
Chess (Men/Women), Taekwondo (Men),
Tennis (Men/Women), Cricket (Men),
Rugby (Men), and Track & Field (Men/Women),
Inter Faculty Tournaments,  Fresher’s  Tournament, and Local Tournament are Organize Annually.

Specialist Coaching is given by Specialist Coaches and the best lots participates in the Inter University Mini Olympic (SLUG) Competitions and combine Universities, International Competitions.Colours would be awarded every year.

There are students representatives in these bodies through whom you can communicate your ideas and problems. There is an annual Inter Faculty Sports Event in which you can prove your talents. There are also Inter University Sports & combine Universities, International Sports Events in which you are Encouraged to participate.

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The Eastern University, Sri Lanka, was established on the 01st of October 1986 by a University Order dated 26th September 1986 issued under Section 2 of the Universities Act No: 16 of 1978.

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