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Feb 16, 2024
சிற்றுண்டிச்சாலைகளுக்கான கேள்வி அறிவித்தல / Bids for canteens
Canteen Add _0.pdf
Nov 03, 2023
Balance Work of the Completion of Construction for the Professional Unit for the Faculty of Health Care Sciences, at Teaching Hospital, Batticaloa
2023-11-02 -Bidding Data.pdf , 2023-11-02 -Detailed Invitation.pdf
Oct 27, 2023
Design, Supply and Installation of Board Room Tables and Chairs
Board Room Table & Chair bid Vo-I (1) (1).doc , Board Room Table & Chairs Bid Vo-II (1) (1).docx
Oct 09, 2023
2024 Reg of Supplier document.doc
Jun 30, 2023
Supply, Installations of Wireless Access Points
6_6_2023-bids documents -IAP Vo-I (1)_Updated.doc , 6-6-2023-bid document _ IAP-Vo- 11 (1)_Updated.docx
May 26, 2023
Supply, Installations of Layer 3 Core Switch With Chassis
Dec 21, 2022
Provision of Out Sourcing Services for Security Services
Oct 31, 2022
Provision of Outsourcing Services for Cleaning, Janitorial & Garden Maintenance Cum Providing Manpower at Faculty of Health Care Sciences (Pillayaradi)
Aug 29, 2022
Supply, Delivery, Installation, Maintenance, and Commissioning of Goods for Movie Theatre
Paper Ads -EUSL.pdf , NCB VOL 01-ITB.pdf , NCB VOL 02-IFB Movie Theatre.pdf
Aug 16, 2022
Provision of out sourcing services for security service – 2022/2023
Adevetisement for Security Service at EUSL -2022.pdf , BID for Provision of Outsourcing Service of Security Service @ EUSL 2022.pdf
Jul 27, 2022
Extension of Bid Opening -01 Aug 2022
Bid Opening Extension -01 Aug 2022.docx , Bid Opening Extension -01 Aug 2022.pdf
Jul 11, 2022
Supply and Delivery of Computers and Furniture Items
01. NCB Advertisment.pdf , 02. NCB VOL-II Computers-BDS.pdf , 03. NCB VOL II-Furniture-BDS.pdf , 04. NCB VOL I-ITB.pdf
Jul 07, 2022
Supply, Delivery, Installation, Maintenance, and Commissioning of Laboratory Equipment, ICT Items, Furniture, and Air Conditioners
Ads-Web.pdf , NCB-13 Laboratory - Vol I.pdf , NCB-14 Furniture- Vol I.pdf , NCB-15 ICT Vol I.pdf , NCB-16 Air conditioners - Vol I.pdf , NCB VOL 01.pdf
Jul 06, 2022
Modernizing of Lecture Halls and Language Laboratory for Faculty of Agriculture, at EUSL.
Improvement of LHs and Language Labs for FAG (1)-merged.pdf
Jun 23, 2022
Invitation for bid Construction Work Faculty of Agriculture
Construction Web Uploaded.pdf
Jun 23, 2022
Extension of Pre bid meeting
New Notice.docx
Jun 22, 2022
Use of Multiple Currencies and the Extension of Bid Submission Date
Use of multiple currencies & the extension of bid submission date - PDF.pdf
Jun 06, 2022
Supply, Delivery, Installation, Maintenance, and Commissioning of Goods for Movie Theatre
Ads.docx , NCB VOL 01.pdf , NCB VOL 02.pdf
May 17, 2022
Deadline for Bid Submission & the Bid Opening Date: 19.05.2022
bid opening extension -May 2022_0.docx
May 12, 2022
Extension of Bid Opening
bid opening extension -May 2022.docx , bid opening extension -May 2022.pdf
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