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Student Affairs Department

Board of Discipline

As per Students’ Conduct and Discipline By-Law No 13 of 2015, the Board of Discipline (BOD) is established and it consists of the following members, who shall hold office for a period of 03 (three) years with effect from the date of appointment;

  • Dean of each Faculty
  • A Proctor, if any or a Deputy Proctor nominated by the Proctor
  • Two Wardens nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
  • Two Members of the Council nominated by the Council, from among its appointed members
  • Two Senior Student Counsellors nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
  • The Registrar or his nominee shall be the ex-officio Secretary of the Board

The Chairman of the Board shall be elected by the members from among the Deans and he or she shall preside at all meetings of the Board

Every month, the BOD meeting will be held where recommendations of preliminary and formal inquiry committees appointed to inquire over indiscipline activities of the students will be placed for its recommendation to the Council for its approval to implement the punishments

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