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Student Affairs Department


10 canteens are functioning to cater more than 5000 students per day and the prices of the items in the canteen are fixed by a canteen committee chaired by the Registrar of the university including representatives of students’ unions and staff’ unions in a regular interval.  The operator of the canteen is selected through procurement procedure.  Appointed Canteen Vigilant Committee monitor the prices, quantity and quality of food items issued by canteen in a regular manner and make report to Senior Assistant Registrar/Student Affairs for immediate rectification if the committee found any deficiency in quantity and quality of the food items. The Committee also acts to rectify all issues of the food promptly. A senior academic is the chairman of the vigilant committee.

  1. Main Canteen- situated in the east premises of the university
  2. Green Canteen- situated in west part of the university
  3. Tsunami Boys Canteen- situated inside Men’s Hostel
  4. Kaluwankerny Canteen – situated in Pilachcholai Women’s Hostel
  5. BST Faculty Canteen- situated in the premises of the Faculty of Technology
  6. FHCS Canteen – situated in the premises of Faculty of Health Care Sciences 
  7. Pillaiyaradi Hostel Canteen-situated inside the Women’s Hostel, Pillayaradi
  8. New Wing Boys Canteen- situated in Men’s Hostel
  9. New Wing Girls Canteen- situated near to New Wing Women’s Hostel
  10. B wing Canteen- situated in B wing of Men’s Hostel

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The Eastern University, Sri Lanka, was established on the 01st of October 1986 by a University Order dated 26th September 1986 issued under Section 2 of the Universities Act No: 16 of 1978.

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