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Mahapola Scholarship

Conditions Relevant to Mahapola Scholarship Awarding

The following requirements and conditions are applicable to be entitled for the Mahapola Scholarship and to receive Scholarship installment payments on behalf of the said scholarship within the academic duration.

  1. The Scholarship will be cancelled in below mentioned situations. Appeals submitted in that regard also will not be considered.
    1. For university scholarships, scholarship installments will be paid subject to a maximum of 10 installments per an academic year.
    2. It is required to attend, properly, for the lectures, tutorial classes, and practical classes prescribed for the course and to have an 80% attendance. In situations contradictory to that, scholarship payments will be suspended in accordance with the recommendation made by the university in that regard.
    3. Only one installment per month during the period of conducting the course will be paid to the scholarship recipient by the Mahapola Scholarship Trust Fund.
    4. The university recommends the names of scholarship recipients for paying the scholarship installments. If it is not recommended so, it should be inquired from the university in that regard.
    5. After acceptance of this scholarship, you are not permitted to receive any other scholarship or bursary connected with this same course of studies or any other course of studies. In case the students become eligible for another such scholarship he/she will have the option either to retain the former scholarship only or to have the former scholarship cancelled and to receive the new scholarship. In such cases, the student should notify this office immediately.
  2. Scholarship installments will be paid monthly as per the recommendation made by the university based on the progress made by the scholarship recipient on studies for which the scholarship was awarded.
    1. Non attending to the course.
    2. Long term absence to the course.
    3. Failure in annual exams
    4. Abandonment of the study course.
    5. Class suspension due to disciplinary matters
    6. Receiving punishments with regard to ragging
    7. At an instance where student has been punished after a disciplinary inquiry conducted by the university for offences on act of misconduct, delinquency or abuse or when punished by a court for other offences.
    8. Receiving punishments for damaging university or public property.
    9. The reasons of engaging in a business, service or employment for generating income will be caused for the discontinuance of the scholarship installments and eligibility.
  3. In the event of a student obtaining permission for postponement of his/her studies on unavoidable and uncontrollable circumstances, if he /she wishes to receive this scholarship in the next relevant year, the student should obtain his/ her scholarship certificate at the scholarship awarding to be entitled for the scholarship even in such postponements.
  4. If the study course in the university is later changed, when such a student is found eligible for a Mahapola scholarship also under the new study course based on the marks that the student has scored, a new scholarship will be awarded as per the recommendation of the University Grants Commission. In order to be eligible for that scholarship, it should be recommended by the university.
  5. The decision of the Mahapola Higher Education Scholarship Trust Fund regarding scholarships or scholarship installments will be treated final.



The applications are called by the University during the academic year for the selection of suitable students for Bursaries. An approved monthly stipend is paid to the eligible students. The students who are not entitled to receive Mahapola or other scholarships are eligible to apply for a bursary.

Conditions applicable for the award of Bursaries

  1. Your internal studentship is liable to be cancelled if any vital information is withheld from the Application or proved to be inaccurate.
  2. If there is any change in the family income, marital status or change of income from employment it should be brought to the notice of the University immediately.
  3. The Bursary could be paid during the period you are engaged in academic activities. If for any reason you are temporarily keep away from engaging in academic activities or leave before termination of the course, it should be brought to the notice of the Registrar of the University in writing.
  4. Payment could be temporarily suspended or completely be suspended for any one or more of the following reasons.
  5. Your complete failure in any examination. If however you are referred in your first examination and registered for the second year the Bursary can be paid.
  6. Any reason unacceptable to the Vice Chancellor for not sitting for an examination on the first available opportunity.
  7. Not continuing your academic work satisfactorily.
  8. If the student conducts himself in an indiscipline manner
  9. Any reasons deemed to be sufficient as decided by the governing board of the Universities. [University Authority]
  10. When payment of Bursaries is temporarily suspended or fully suspended restoration of payment could be made at the description of the University authorities.
  11. eligible Students qualifying for receipt of Bursaries will be paid a maximum of 10 installments. for an academic year. Not up to 10 installments can be paid without the approval of the University Grant Commission.
  12. Bursary will not be paid to those who received Mahapola Scholarships.
  13. Students are required to produce the Identity Card issued by the university to obtain their bursaries, Mahapola or other scholarships.

Other Scholarships

Apart from government scholarships, there are other scholarships awarded by other institutes and persons. The University Grants Commission awards scholarships to students who are not eligible for any other form of financial assistance. Students are informed of these opportunities through notices board, common meeting and University Web Site.

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